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Blood Runs Cold
beacon falls, oregon. october 2019.
Welcome back to Blood Runs Cold. We are a no word count, profile app supernatural creatures site. In the fictional town of Beacon Falls, Oregon, people are just going about their lives - both human and supernatural alike. Humans, for the most part, are unaware of the things that go bump in the night; but, there are still those that are aware. Hidden in the woods and mountains, the battle for the right to exist may just be the longest one. Make sure to register with your character's first and last names in all caps, like: JOHN DOE.
July 06/16 BRC is officially back open for business! We are accepting all types of characters and hope you'll enjoy your stay.
June 26/16 We are currently in the middle of a massive revamp. Keep checking back for updates and the grand re-opening.
April 4/16 We're almost ready to open. We're asking that all members have their character profiles ready and completed before we open.
March 21/16 We are currently in construction. Please check back for updates and news on when we will be opening!

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